The Isle of Man


For a few years now cyclists from the Isle of Man such as Mark Cavendish and Peter Kennaugh have been dominating local, national and international news headlines for their victories in the World Championships, the Tour de France and Olympics. Last year The Times ran a double-page spread on the Manx  cycling phenomenon.

Take a tour of the Island with some of the cycling greats (click to link)...

  1. Cycling Weekly’s Isle of Man TT ride with Peter Kennaugh

  2. Cycling Weekly’s Isle of Man ride with Mark Cavendish & Jonny Bellis

  3. Cycling Weekly’s Isle of Man ride with Steve Joughin

  4. Cycling Weekly’s Isle of Man ride with Andy Roche

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If you’re not from the Isle of Man, fancy entering the CC and are wondering how to get your family and friends to come along too, then don’t worry. There’s plenty to do on the Island such as sea kayaking, mountain biking, golf, excellent coastal walking and horse-riding. There are also medieval castles to visit, Neolithic tombs and a wildlife park with pandas and meerkats. To find out more see

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The only cycle sportive on the Isle of Man TT Mountain Course!

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